DIY Tips: How to Make Your Room Look Like a Hotel Room


For some of us, designing a bedroom could be the most exciting yet challenging one. If you’re aiming for simplicity with elegance, then you need to raise your standards. But that doesn’t mean you spend a lot. You only have to be more creative with the stuff you have and the things you can do on your own. Ready? Let’s get it on!

Keep it clean and neat.

If you want your bedroom to look stunning, you have to keep it clean. Hotel rooms that have trash all over the place don’t get positive reviews. These hotel rooms aren’t even worthy of being called a hotel room if they’re not neat and clean. Make sure your room is always tidy. Put everything where they belong and store objects and clothes properly. The key is to always return something where you got it after using it.

Be creative.

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With a few screws, a durable drill, and a creative mind, you can do anything. You can make your own headboard, design your own mirror cabinet, paint your walls, and make your own storage boxes. Everything in your room could be a DIY project, and as long as they look neat, they’ll be a great addition to your hotel-like room. Here’s a secret: Anything is possible with the right handyman tools.

Spend time designing your walls.

Beautiful walls can make a room look more appealing than it is expected to be. If you’re designing a kid’s bedroom, you can be creative by adding wooden letters and picture frame shelving without having to compromise your goal to have a hotel-like room. Just remember to wash your walls before painting or adding anything to it. Also, plan or sketch your design first to avoid regretting in the future.

Make it cozy with warm lights.


One thing you ought to consider is the lights you’ll install. Most hotel rooms have sconces and lamps that make the room warmer and cozier. Warm lights are visually appealing. Matching lamps and sconces also make your room look professional. Good lighting can make a lot of difference if you know what kind of lights you need and want. Try installing soft colored lights or ones with low wattage.

Stick with one color theme.


Are you familiar with color palettes? They’re becoming more and more popular these days, and that’s because they make every design simpler and uniform. Sticking with one color theme would make your room look like a hotel room that was designed by a graduate of interior design and not by a kid or teenager. If you’ve noticed, popular hotels stick with neutral colors or earth tones with lots of white to make the room look clean. I suggest you do the same. If you think it’s hard for you to maintain a place with lots of white in it, then at least include light colors, such as pastel ones. A room that’s too dark may not allow you to relax. But then again, it’s your room. Just make sure it’s as comfortable as you want it to be. Never compromise your comfort for appearance. But make sure it’s always clean.…

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